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Manually Building and Pushing Containers
Last Updated a year ago

When would I have to do this?

  • When the Gitlab Runners are down or failing due to a Gitlab internal problem
  • You need to override an image tag that wouldn't otherwise be pushed by CI

How do I do this?

Login to the gitlab registry. Create a personal access token in gitlab with full API access:


Then, on your terminal run
docker login
and provide the credentials that Gitlab generated.

You can then build the container from the project path with:
docker build -t[project name]/[container name]:[tag] .
You can find the full URL to put after the -t in the Registry section of the project.
Then you can push the image by running:
docker push[project name]/[container name]:[tag]
A similar version of this guide is on the Registry page of every Gitlab project.

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